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How We Take Big Budget Trips on Pocket Change

Everyone always wants to know how in the world we travel for so darn cheap! In 2018, Trent and I spent at least two full months (spread out) traveling the world. You want to know how much we paid for those two months of traveling? Pocket change! A large chunk of our money for these trips was saved from our …

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How We Saved $8,000 in 6 Months On One Income

Do you find yourself struggling to save money throughout the year? It can be overwhelming, especially with bills, student loans, credit cards, etc. I’ve found one of the main ways to stay motivated to save is to have two end goals, one short term and one long term. In the summer of 2016, I was on the verge of committing …


25 Under $25: Making Your Significant Other Feel Loved

To be honest, the majority of these ways to make your significant other feel loved are free! It does not take extravagant gestures to show your love, it can be as simple as doing the dishes when they’ve had a hard day. I might be a personal finance blogger, but a therapist is my (soon-to-be) day job. If you are …

Military Travel

5 Vacation Ideas for Military Families Under $450

People have NO idea how many benefits the military offers when it comes to traveling! Hardly any military families take advantage of these, maybe because they don’t know about them? Or maybe because they don’t realize how affordable they are? Either way, it’s time to make up for lost time and to start traveling! Traveling can be super affordable with …


$25 (or Less) Gift Exchange Gifts They Will Actually Want


Most gift exchanges have a $25 limit. That’s not bad, but it’s hard to come up with an idea sometimes, especially if you drew a name and don’t know much about that person (work scenario). Even if it’s white elephant, it can still be hard to pick the right gift! Here are some ideas to get you started because although …


10 Ways To Save Money and Rock Christmas


Christmas is going to be here quicker than you can say, “Kris Kringle!” The holidays are supposed to be a special time spent with family and the ones you love most. Too often, Christmas can be the grumpiest time of the year for some people. It has been shown that the stress of finding the perfect Christmas present is enough …