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Life Mental & Physical Health

Do You Minimize Your Problems? Here’s Why and How To Stop

What exactly does it mean to minimize your emotions? Minimizing is a form of abuse towards yourself and others. It is when you tell someone to stop being such a drama queen. It is also when you talk down about your accomplishments, hardships, or even yourself. People minimize themselves every single day without realizing they’re even doing it. “You look …

Life Mental & Physical Health

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others in 2019

2018 was a year full of comparing myself to others. It made me absolutely sick, physically and mentally. I had set so many goals for myself that I didn’t accomplish. Instead, I spent the majority of the year putting myself and my accomplishments down while comparing them to more successful people. Throughout 2018 (and the entirety of my life) I …

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12 Must-Have Travel Gifts Under $50 for Every Traveler

If there is one thing in this world I love more than anything (besides hubby), it would be travel. I eat, sleep, and breathe travel planning and we are constantly planning trips. Trent and I are strictly carry-on travelers only. Because of this, we have gotten good at narrowing down must-haves and can-live-without items. These 12 travel gifts below are …


30 Essential Pieces of Marriage Advice That Cannot Be Forgotten


Everyone knows the advice “Never go to bed angry” or “happy wife happy life”, but here are some tips that we have learned/been given that really made a difference in our marriage. We may have only been married for four years now, but we have been through more than what many couples go through in a lifetime together! Not to …


How to Get the Best Deal on Furniture – Advice From a Successful Furniture Seller

A little not so known fact about me is that I sold furniture at Ashley Homestore for almost two years after moving to our current base. Within my first three months I was the best salesman in the store and  I was on track to be a million dollar seller during my second year. Ultimately, I quit so I could …


Here’s How I Made $40 and Gained 3,500 Followers My First Month Blogging


No, this isn’t an income report! Making $40 through affiliates is not nearly enough money to start telling everyone I’m an expert on blogging! Ha! I’m not going to complain though, I’ll take the extra $40! It went straight into our Europe fund. What this post is about though is showing you step by step what I did to gain …


5 Essential School Supplies Worth the Extra Cost

After 8 years in college (undergrad and grad school), I have finally designed the perfect list of school supplies. The past 20 semesters (summer school included) have given me plenty of time to figure out what I need, don’t need, and what keeps me the most organized. My first year at college, my class schedule was 8:00-6:00 on Tuesdays and …


25 Under $25: Making Your Significant Other Feel Loved

To be honest, the majority of these ways to make your significant other feel loved are free! It does not take extravagant gestures to show your love, it can be as simple as doing the dishes when they’ve had a hard day. I might be a personal finance blogger, but a therapist is my (soon-to-be) day job. If you are …


3 Simple Steps to Never Missing a Bill Again

Do you ever find yourself struggling to make sure all your bills will get paid this month? What about making sure that you have enough money in your checking account for bills and for spending? This is something that I quickly realized had to change after we moved in together and got our own place. Growing up, I never had …