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12 Must-Have Travel Gifts Under $50 for Every Traveler


12 Must-Have Travel Gifts Under $50 for Every Traveler

If there is one thing in this world I love more than anything (besides hubby), it would be travel. I eat, sleep, and breathe travel planning and we are constantly planning trips. Trent and I are strictly carry-on travelers only. Because of this, we have gotten good at narrowing down must-haves and can-live-without items. These 12 travel gifts below are a mix of ideas for men and women.

I hate cheesy gift ideas, so this isn’t going to have your 3 oz. bottles or a travel neck pillow in it. These gifts are ones that would actually be appreciated, all for under $50! You can reach each specific item by clicking on the pictures or the headings!

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you so much and happy shopping!

1. The Perfect Carry-On

The first travel gift is one I searched for a long time. It had to be just the right measurements! Trent and I love to travel with only carry-on bags. It’s such a pain having to deal with checking luggage and praying it doesn’t get lost. With this bag, the dimensions measurements are fit to travel on any US or international flight! You also get a free matching toiletry bag!

carry on
2. Packing Cubes

With over 7,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, I have to agree that these cubes are amazing! I use my packing cubes for every trip we’ve gone on in the past year and the room and time they have saved me…I’ll never go back to not using them!

This set has 4 cubes and a laundry bag, all sizes that will fit inside of the carry-on listed above! It comes in multiple colors.

packing cubes

3. The Warm, Oversized Cardigan

I own at least 27 cardigans (#cardiganqueen), so this is obviously my favorite travel gift ;). However, this cardigan right here is thick enough to keep you warm, but not so thick that you’ll be sweating the entire time you wear it. Perfect for year-round traveling!

oversized cardigan

4. A Cozy Sherpa Pullover

Similarly, sherpas are perfect for the traveler who is always cold! This sherpa pullover comes in 3 colors and is super flattering, comfy, and perfect for traveling or everyday use. It’s like being wrapped in a fluffy blanket all day! This specific sherpa has outstanding reviews!


5. Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether it’s to avoid that talkative airplane seatmate or to tune everything out and go to sleep, these noise canceling headphones are one of the best for under $50!


6. A Personalized Adventure Fund Piggy Bank

One of the most exciting parts about saving for a big trip is watching your savings grow! Trent and I have our own adventure fund piggy bank and it’s always so fun to fill it all the way to the top before counting how much we’ve saved. This travel gift is so personal and unique, it’s sure to be one of any traveler’s favorite gifts this holiday season!

adventure fund

7. Scratch-Off Map

Whether you or your loved one is a world traveler or prefers to stay in the states, either of these scratch-off maps would be a hit! I’ve got the worldwide scratch off map on my Christmas list this year. Hint hint, hubby πŸ˜‰


8. Lonely Planet Travel Guidebooks

I am a HUGE LP fan. I personally own over 25 of their guidebooks for all of the countries we’re hoping to travel to one day! Hopefully, we get to more than 25, but this is a start! My most favorite out of all the books I own is theΒ Where to Go When book. It lists out the best travel destinations by month, then says what is best about that place, and ranks each country of that month by excitement, price, experiences, etc. It helped us book our trip to Europe in December! Can’t wait! Made things much easier.

They also offer aΒ 20% student discountΒ as well!! Just register through Student Beans.

9. A Travel Journal/Planner

If you’re anything like me, you love love love documenting, planning, journaling, and all things writing. This travel journal helps to document and plan every aspect of your trip! Perfect stocking stuffer! This journal has a lot of fun prompts to really get you to explore and interact with the locals.


10. Dual Voltage Travel Products

This one is for all the female travelers who curl their hair while abroad. This Bed Head 1″ barrel curling iron is dual voltage and will work in both the US and abroad! I will be able to test just how great the dual voltage works next week and will update then! With over 1,500 reviews at 4.3 stars and for such a great price (and I mean great), I had to give it a try!

11. A Personal Size Bag

This personal size bag was made to fit any airline regulations, even RyanAir and EasyJet! That’s why we purchased it. We had a small flight through RyanAir and needed to make sure all our baggage fit their requirements. I can honestly say that I was floored by how roomy this bag actually is! We put all of our toiletries in there and it hardly looked like anything was even in it. Very roomy bag, good quality, and easy to tote around! Definitely worth the price, which isn’t much!

12. Gift an Experience with TripAdvisor

My favorite travel gifts are experiences. I don’t care much about material items. I would rather spend my money on experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. One of my favorite ways to gift experiences, especially for travelers, is to go to TripAdvisor and book an awesome experience for them in the location that they’re going! This might be something you need to have them help plan, but still an awesome gift!

Here’s an example of something similar that Trent and I booked for our trip to Morocco next month.



And that’s it! Those are some of my favorite gifts for travelers. What travel gifts have you given that people always love? I’d love some new ideas! Let me know below in the comments!! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you so much and happy shopping!

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