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10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping


10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping

While out shopping, are you ever to “treat yourself” but know you shouldn’t? I know I am! In order to save for our trip to Europe, we had to make an effort to stop this behavior and it helped! In six weeks, we more than tripled our savings with these techniques below!

Save Money Shopping

You are going to love this item most in the store. If you don’t have that 100% “have to have this” feeling, it’s probably a waste of your money and you won’t be using it two months from now.

Hold the item in one hand and pretend you’re holding the amount of money the item costs in the other hand. Which do you want more? The item or the money? If it’s the money, put the item back.

Put it back and sleep on it. If you still want it that bad a week from now, go and get it. If not, it can wait. For bigger purchases, wait 30 days.

Use strictly cash. Psychologically, it’s harder to hand over cash than it is to pull out a card

Wear high heels or uncomfortable clothes while shopping. This makes it so you don’t spend too much time looking at everything because you would rather go home and get out of that outfit.

Ask yourself why you want to buy this item. Do you really need this? Will you still be wearing/using it six months from now?

Look at the price in the number of hours worked. If you get paid $10 an hour, is that $50 top really worth 5 hours of work?

Carry it in your cart but don’t commit. That’s the beauty of a shopping cart, you can carry the item around and think about it before you purchase. There is no punishment for putting it back!

Understand selling techniques. Salesmen (& women) are great at making you buy something you really don’t want to buy. Teach yourself about different sales tricks to get the best deal/not be pressured into buying.

Give yourself a limit so you don’t feel guilty about spending. Allow yourself $50 a week to spend on whatever you want. This allows for guilt-free spending on items you wouldn’t normally buy.

Set a bigger goal to keep you motivated to not spend. Whatever that goal may be, keep your focus on that. Trent and I were able to triple the amount we had saved within 6 weeks once we set our goal to go to Europe next year.


What are some ways that you like to save money while shopping? I’d love to hear about them below!

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  1. Diana Sherer says:

    If you’re buying clothes, be sure to try them on. Sometimes something you really like looks terrible on, the color is wrong, or it doesn’t fit right. If you try it on and it doesn’t feel like it’s already yours, put it back.

    1. sarahbanwart says:

      Diana, that’s such great advice!! I love what you said about feeling like it’s already yours or not! Thank you!

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