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10 of the Best Tips to Boost Your Poshmark Sales


10 of the Best Tips to Boost Your Poshmark Sales

Poshmark is a fun and simple way to resell fashion at 60% or more off retail price! This is an app where you can sell anything (in compliance with their rules) on! Basically, that means this isn’t Letgo or Mercari. You must stick to clothing, shoes, accessories, and make-up… so I guess not everything, but still a lot. This app is so great and easy to use. All you do is take a picture, upload it as a listing, describe it, and list! Then you continue to share and build your followers to grow and make more sales! It is super easy and super fun!

I am a Posh Ambassador, top 10% sharer, top seller, fast shipper, a Posh mentor, AND top-rated seller.

Below are ten of my favorite tips I give to anyone who wants to start selling on Poshmark!

1. List your items for roughly 20% more than what you’d want to buy them for – it’s still used clothing, not a mall.

Look at the item of clothing in your hand and ask yourself what is the most you would pay for this item? Add 20% to that total. By adding the 20%, this allows you some wiggle room to get what you really want when using the offers feature.

2. Clear pictures and detailed descriptions

Everyone has said this one a million times but it is crucial!!! Have pictures with enough natural light that the real color and all flaws are displayed. Use up every character in the title using as many detailed words as possible. In the description section make sure to give every detail about the item – linings, flaws, materials, wash instructions, etc.

3. Measurements

The easiest way to answer questions and make sales is to post the measurements in the description section. This is the main question people have! Also, including the measurements will save your butt if someone tries to open a case against you for any reason! This way it’ll be tough for you to lose.

4. Quick communication

Answer as soon as possible. People are used to immediate answers to their questions and if you wait too long, you might lose a sale!

5. Package it nicely, leave a thank you note, and ship quickly

Wrap up your items in a clear baggy, then tissue paper, tie it up with a pretty bow, and top it off with a thank you note! This has become a pretty common thing. I’ve seen plenty of people get dinged on ratings because buyers have come to expect this.

Ship out as quickly as you possibly can. You have 7 days to ship before the buyer can cancel, but ship as quickly as possible! You can grab the two-day priority shipping boxes from the post office for free! Posh will give you the labels to print off.

6. Throw in a discount code for return customers

I always include in my thank you note “Comment ‘I’m back’ on any item in my closet for an extra 25% off your next purchase! @sarahbanwart” Give them a reason to come back to you. Don’t forget to add your closet name either, most don’t pay attention to whose profile they are shopping from!

7. Organize your inventory

I have seen inventory organized in buckets by the brand name “A-F” “G-N” etc. The brands in those alphabet ranges get put into their coordinating box! It’s one of the easier ways to stay organized.

8. Never stop sharing

Do you want to make sales? Gain followers? Increase your likes? Then you need to share share share! Share with your followers and to the applicable parties. Poshmark is a huge community full of people who really support each other and want to see each other succeed!

9. Be organized and write down your goals

At the beginning of each month, I write down my statistics. I track the number of followers, self-shares, items listed, and the total amount sold to date.

Then I write out what I want to reach for each of those goals this month! At the end of the month, compare your numbers to your goals and see how everything adds up. That way you know where you stand and know what you need to work on for next month.

10. Do your research – know what sells

Know what brands to search for and don’t buy anything outdated! That was something I struggled with when I first started. I saw a brand that sells well and grabbed it even though it was no longer in style…it still sits in my closet today!

Here is a list of people to follow on Instagram who are killing it and do Poshmark full time:

  • @oscilatey
  • @theequeenofthrift
  • @bosladyresale
  • @leah.kirchinger
  • @theposhhanger

If you are interested in reselling on Poshmark, use the code “SARAHBANWART” to get your first $5 on them! Sign up here.

What tips do you have that have helped you be successful on Poshmark? Let me know below in the comments! I’d love to use them myself!

This post includes affiliate links. If you sign up through these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support and good luck on your journey!

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