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25 Under $25: Making Your Significant Other Feel Loved


25 Under $25: Making Your Significant Other Feel Loved

To be honest, the majority of these ways to make your significant other feel loved are free! It does not take extravagant gestures to show your love, it can be as simple as doing the dishes when they’ve had a hard day.

I might be a personal finance blogger, but a therapist is my (soon-to-be) day job. If you are having trouble connecting with your loved one or just want to have a deeper connection, you need to figure out their love languages (take the free quiz here). This takes five minutes and the two of you should take this together. This will show you what type of gestures make you feel the most loved: words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time, and receiving gifts.

After learning what your love languages are, try and tailor the way you show your partner love to their specific language.

Here are 25 ways to make your significant other feel loved this week:

Learn their love language(s)
Clean the house or wash their car
Cook/bake their favorite food/treat
Set up a fort with a movie and pizza inside
Leave sticky notes saying how much you love them all over the house or in a heart shape on the wall/mirror
Make tonight a no technology kind of night
Make a treasure hunt for them with their favorite treats as the prize
Take them for a walk/play a game/any activity with undivided attention given
Leave them a romantic handwritten card with their favorite candies
Get fun experiences on Groupon
Get dressed up and initiate some hanky-panky
Give them genuine compliments
Take pictures of them and make a big deal about it and how good they look
Surprise them with lunch at work
Make food for a picnic and go to the park/beach for a picnic lunch/dinner
Make your own candlelit dinner with their favorite meal
Show interest in what they like and remember what they tell you
Tell them something you admire about them and why every day for a week
Get them a gift card to their favorite store
Surprise them with supplies for their favorite hobby
Get a pedicure gift card and set up an appointment
“What I Love About You” book – get these and fill them out for each other
Draw a bubble bath with candles, give your significant other a massage with special oils, have some wine/candies/whatever their favorite is, and put on some soothing music. Let them soak while you take care of dinner/the kids/housework
Plan a day of activities together (IE: going to the beach/going on a hike, bringing a picnic lunch, putting on your song and dancing on the beach during the sunset), then stargaze – sounds cheesy, but it’ll be a night both of you will always remember


Sit down and talk with them to check-in and reconnect to get back on the same page with each other – what’s going on in their mind? How’re they doing at work/school? What’s something you could’ve done better this week? What’re things you did well this week?

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