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25 Different Ways to Earn Extra Income (That Aren’t Surveys)


25 Different Ways to Earn Extra Income (That Aren’t Surveys)

A few years ago, Trent and I were newlyweds who found ourselves in a lot more debt than we meant to get into. After moving across the country, car payments, furniture payments, and credit card debt, we were pretty overwhelmed. We worked our butts off to find different ways to earn extra income.

I would spend hours researching different ideas and found that a lot of ideas were ones that really wouldn’t make us much extra income, but the blogger would make extra income off us. I hate surveys. We never qualified for them and it takes forever to earn anything extra. I’m not very patient in that aspect. I needed much quicker ROIs (return on investments).

So, here is part one of three that discuss different ways to earn income to where you could actually make a side gig out of any of these. These are focused on your income possibilities, not mine as a blogger. I hope you find something here that would work for you! If not, I’ve got two more parts to this coming soon!

Resell clothes online (Poshmark, eBay)

I resell clothes on Poshmark and have been for some time now. It’s a great way to get rid of some extra clothes or start a legitimate side gig! Both eBay and Poshmark do require a lot of phone time. Throw on a movie and start listing!

On average, I make anywhere from $250-$500 a month with minimal effort. Many people make anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 a month. Plenty of people sell full-time and make a living specifically off Poshmark! I do it more for fun when I’m trying to get rid of extra stuff or find anything worth reselling at thrift stores!

This is also a great alternative to garage sales! You make much more money and don’t have to spend days preparing for it!

If you’re interested in earning extra income on Poshmark or just getting rid of some extra clothes, sign up here and use the code SARAHBANWART to receive your first $5 on them!

Resell items online (eBay, Amazon, Mercari)

Anything you already have sitting around your home, sell it! Go to thrift stores and try and find how much they’d sell for! It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.


Blogging is one that I have to include in here, being a blogger. There are many ways to make extra income blogging and it is so easy to get set up. You can get started for as little as $3.95/month through Siteground. I love blogging. It has been a great way for me to be creative and write about things I truly care about while also making money off it. There are some bloggers that make over $100,000/month off their blogs! Now while we all can’t be that successful, there are so many people who make $2,000-$5,000/month off their blog easily.

When I first announced Sarah Makes Cents, I made $25 off it in the first three days before I even made my blog available to the public! While that doesn’t sound like much, I spent 30 minutes tops creating the freebie and social media posts and the income still continues to flow in! For just 30 minutes of work, I constantly benefit off it $5 at a time.

I have used Bluehost and I have used Siteground. Bluehost was good, but ran so slow and didn’t agree with my laptop. I tried Siteground when I registered Sarah Makes Cents and the difference is night and day! It runs so much quicker and my laptop doesn’t have any problems with it!

Write an e-book and market it

E-books can be 4 pages or 400 pages, it doesn’t really matter! You can write on literally anything that peaks your interest: fashion, makeup, video games, decorating, eating healthy, working out, etc.

Create a course on Udemy

I love Udemy! I’m currently taking a photography course to learn how to use my camera better and it’s been awesome! The course I’m taking, I think they’ve made roughly over a million dollars on it throughout the years that it’s been uploaded. While we might not all have that kind of success, you can definitely make some extra money if it’s an in-demand topic!


I have just started looking into this, but all you need is a bachelor’s degree and some experience working with children. You work one-on-one with kids from China, teaching from a lesson plan that is given to you ahead of time. The pay is around $20+/hour. You get to set your own schedule and can have as many clients as you want! This is a great way to earn extra income from home, especially during the evenings and weekends.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

I’ve never done this one but my landlord has and he used to make over $2,000/month just on the weekends!

Cleaning services

Do what no one likes to do and clean houses. Say $50/week for two hours of hard-core cleaning. Do four houses a day and you’re making $200/day from cleaning homes.

Lawn services

This is quite a gig to get into! Right before Trent got home from his deployment, I paid $125 to have the yard mowed, weeded, and edged. I don’t think it took them more than an hour! Think if you could do that 4-5 times a day! That’s $500-$625/day! In the summertime, that’s definitely possible.

Trent works with someone who probably earns at least $1,500 a month of extra income by doing this during the evenings after work.

House Sitting

This one is easy, sometimes people even let you stay at their house while they’re gone! Just go in and check on everything, maybe water some plants, and you’re good! Easy money right here.

Pet walker or pet sitter

I’ve heard of quite a few people making pretty decent money from doing this. I know one person who charges $20/walk and walks probably 6-7 dogs at the same time for roughly an hour or so. That’s $120-$140/walk! You could do that four times a day, get to play with dogs all day long, and make $480-$560/day.

Sell on Etsy

I love Etsy. I’ve sold on Etsy on and off for years now! It’s definitely a great way to make extra money in your spare time. What I’ve learned though, as I’m a total procrastinator, only sell products that you’ve already finished. This way, it’s easy to ship them out and go. You won’t have the responsibility of creating the product looming over your head for a week.

Also, digital products and printables are huge. You can make wall décor, planner pages, invitations, stickers, and more. It takes maybe five minutes of work once you’ve developed your idea. People usually charge on average $5/printable. Might not be much, but if you can market yourself correctly, you’re going to be impressed by how much money you can make by spending five minutes on a product.


This is for the hands-on folks in the group. If you love building and you’re good at it, you can make a killing! With this whole rustic/farmhouse style not dying off anytime soon, people are dying to have tables, shelves, and more made for them.

I saw a girl on Etsy selling children’s bedframes, assembly not included. Guys, she literally stained a bunch of 1x2s, bought the screws to go with it, and cut them to the sizes they needed to be. Probably $20 spent tops, charged $150-$200/bed frame and then the buyer had to put it together themselves. Can you think of a way to make easier money?

Flipping furniture

This one is fun! If you’ve got a creative eye, good at sewing, or even find good fabric paint, you can flip and resell furniture that people will be dying to get their hands on! Everyone wants something different in their homes, a statement piece. Go to antique stores, find your piece, and have fun.

Cake decorating

Man, with people becoming more and more obsessed with their kids and making sure that they have the coolest, most intricate birthday parties ever, you can make some serious extra income decorating cakes!! I know that plenty of places offer cake decorating classes (Joann Fabrics, Michaels, local kitchen stores). I have friends who make a killing doing this.

Repair appliances/household items/cars

You don’t need to be a professional to fix a car, washer, window, etc. If you have some credibility, you could offer discounted services on repairing things for people. Trust me, no one wants to pay $200 to have someone come to look at their washer when they could have you and pay you $60 to come look at it. Or with cars, I hate taking my car in to get looked at. Everything is so expensive and can be done so much cheaper if I have a friend do it. There is plenty of wiggle room, price wise, to be able to work on cars as well.


Weddings, senior pictures, newborn, maternity, family pictures, landscape, and more. People want good quality pictures and are willing to pay to get them. If you have a good DSLR (I have a Nikon D5500 and love it), know how to work Photoshop and Lightroom, and offer good quality work, people are going to be lining up at your door to take photos with you. Start by offering discounted sessions to build your portfolio and then grow from there.

This has been an excellent source of extra income for me! This is my third month of doing this and I’ve made almost $800! At $25-$40 a session, that’s a lot of sessions!

Paint canvases and sell

People love one-of-a-kind art pieces. If you have a unique sense of style, why not go for it? You can sell these at craft shows, on Etsy, at farmer’s markets, and more.

Make jewelry

Jewelry is SO easy to make and if you are creative enough, so easy to sell. You just need a sense of style that not all have. If you are able to put together one-of-a-kind pieces that people would wear, you’ll make a killing. Again…Etsy, social media, and craft shows are the places to sell your beautiful creations.

Make soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, etc.

Bath bombs are so in right now. Is it “in” to say “in”? I’m not sure if I’m stuck in the past or not! People love them! Make matching body scrubs, bath salts, and lotions to go with them and sell them as a set.

Learn calligraphy and do invitations

People go crazy for calligraphy and a lot of people hire calligraphers to hand write wedding invitations/envelopes. You can make a lot of money this way. Think…it’ll take you 2 minutes to write out each address at $1.50/envelope. They need you to write out 150 envelopes, that’s $225 for five hours of work. That’s nothing to turn your nose up at!

Weave rugs or wall décor

I just think hand woven pieces are so beautiful and so do many other people. If you have a loom or can hand-weave, you could make a lot of money, depending on the piece. With the right market, these can go for thousands!

Virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant for someone is something that many can do! If you love staying organized, are great with social media and emails, and are willing to help someone who really needs it, you can make a killing!

Start out with a set price per hour or packages of so many hours per month. Provide examples of your organizational skills, social media skills, etc. Once you do that, put yourself out there on fiverr to market yourself and promote your skills on your own social media!

After that, start building clientele and that extra income will become a little business going before you know it!

Go in and organize homes

This one is great if you have a creative eye. You can go in and help declutter and rearrange everything in a person’s home! Also, go and help them redecorate by picking out new decor/furniture or whatever else they are in need of.

In 2013, my entire town was leveled by an EF-4 tornado and over 1,100 homes were lost, including my own. I know SO many people, including my mother, were so overwhelmed with the entire rebuilding process that they didn’t even want to think about redecorating…that’s where you come in! Market yourself to builders and have them recommend you to people who are building homes to have you come in and help make them even better!

That takes a lot of stress off people who don’t really care as much about the decorating part of it.


Good at math, Excel, and crunching numbers? This is a great one for you! Keep track of the sales a smaller business makes every month and submit them to the business owner’s tax guy. I used to do this for my dad’s business and it was super easy! Plug n chug kind of deal! Easy enough, but you’ve got to stay organized! Charge $100-$200 a month to keep track of this. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two a month per business if you stay focused!

Think about if you could get 5 or 10 clients each month! That can be $500-$2,000 each month depending on what you charge!


What are other ways you make extra income? Comment below to be featured in part two or three of this post!

This post includes affiliate links. If you sign up with any of these links, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommened products and services that I have benefited from myself. Thank you for your support and good luck on your journey!

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