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$25 (or Less) Gift Exchange Gifts They Will Actually Want


$25 (or Less) Gift Exchange Gifts They Will Actually Want

Most gift exchanges have a $25 limit. That’s not bad, but it’s hard to come up with an idea sometimes, especially if you drew a name and don’t know much about that person (work scenario). Even if it’s white elephant, it can still be hard to pick the right gift! Here are some ideas to get you started because although gift cards to Target are practical, it isn’t fun to open one of those!


Manicure/pedicure with a magazine

While this is technically a gift card, it doesn’t count as a normal gift card! A pedicure or manicure is not to a store, it’s an experience! You bought them an experience with reading material!

Something they like but can’t usually get

We always bring home Yuengling and it’s a hit!

A Happy Planner

If your friend/coworker/family member loves the organization, a Happy Planner is a perfect gift for them! They sell the kits at Michael’s or Amazon. These kits include stickers, the monthly/weekly calendars, a bookmark, and more! Then they can come back and buy any other accessories they want to put in there!They even have Happy Planner cookbook kits! I love mine.

Seriously, Happy Planners are the most amazing planners I have ever stumbled upon! They are so fun and so easy to keep track of everything! I have a Happy Planner cookbook and a medium size Happy Planner for graduate school! I love these SO much! They are perfect for keeping track of due dates, sessions with clients, important dates and events, and more! I’m obsessed with mine!

Walmart brand Yeti (Ozark Trail)

These things are less than $9-$10 and have been compared to Yeti cups ($40) and keep drinks hot/cold just as long! Here is a 30-hour comparison test, you’ll see that Ozark Trail lasts just as long and is a quarter of the price! I have three of these and can attest! I love these cups and use them every single day!

Lotto ticket tree (25 $1 tickets)

I have seen this done two ways – taped to a posterboard in the shape of a Christmas tree or taped to skewers and shoved into a styrofoam ball that is shoved into a vase of some sort. Both are awesome ways to receive this gift!

A game

Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme is always a great gift exchange gift! These are two of the most fun adult games out there right now! Or maybe get them a Slip-n-Slide or something nostalgic. Being that it is an average of 85 on Christmas day here in Georgia, a Slip-n-Slide doesn’t sound like too bad of a gift to me!

Devotional Journal

This is perfect for a church gift exchange or anyone who is from of a faith-based background.

Hunk of good beef

Hear me out…we had a friend bring this to a gift exchange. His gift (a huge hunk of beef from the best butcher in town) was the most popular gift all night! Everyone, especially guys, loves a good piece of meat! Throw in some grilling spices or something as well. Just don’t forget to put an ice pack in the bag!

Anything monogrammed

There are plenty of pages on Etsy and you will find many people are who can do that kind of thing themselves! Monogramming and decals have become a huge hobby for people!

Journals, shirts, bags, tumblers, wall art, really anything you want can be monogrammed!

Supplies for their favorite hobby

  • Art supplies (paintbrushes, paints, canvas)
  • Woodworking (nails, tools, wood)
  • Sewing (fabric, thread holder, new scissors)
  • Gaming (toys, skins, 2-3 months of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network is roughly $25)
  • Baking (decorating tools, baking recipe books/magazines, ingredients for a new recipe) (Or an oven mitt filled with baking utensils)
  • Traveling (travel books, packing cubes, a passport cover with matching luggage tags)

Here is a post I wrote that about rocking Christmas has a section for gift baskets…this includes even more ideas!

And one more gift idea for good fun…

A live fish in a jar! During a white elephant gift exchange, my cousin put a live fish with fish food in a bag and it was hysterical! No one was expecting that! Something to keep people on their toes! Ha!


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